Monthly Archives: November 2008

Kate is a great teacher….

No matter how many times people tell you that fatherhood will change your life, there really is no way to really understand how awesome a change it is until you experience it.  Now that I have had the pleasure of caring for Kate for a little more than three weeks, I am quite sure that […]

Kate Turned Three Weeks Old…and We Missed it!

Jennifer and I are watching the days fly by…one by one.  We get excited at every face Kate makes and every sound we hear, although sometimes we are momentarily blinded by our lack of sleep, declare that Kate’s cuteness has no effect and sternly suggest to her that sleeping is in her best interests. Nonetheless, […]

Happy Thanksgiving – A Video Greeting…and Pictures!

We would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Jennifer, Kate, and I had a thanksgiving to remember (Kate will have to refer to the videos and pictures for her memories…).  The day started around 9:30 AM when I came downstairs and performed the morning ritual (make coffee, clean all bottles and parts that […]

Jennifer as a Baby Compared with Kate….

No Words Needed Here…Take a look. The picture on the left is Jennifer as a baby. The picture on the right is Kate Ellen on November 24th, 2008…

Kate’s Website … More Fun!

I have added a few more features to Kate’s Website: 1)  You can now “subscribe” to the site by entering your email address in the “Email Updates…” section on the right.  By entering your email address, you will now be notified via email when new updates are added to the site.  Kate adheres to the […]

Kate’s First Babysitters…

Kate’s Mom and Dad had the divine pleasure of having a babysitter for the first time!  Courtney and Damian came down from Salem, MA for a visit.  I am not so sure they knew what they were getting into… Jennifer and I were quite tired, so Courtney and Damian volunteered to watch Kate in the […]

How much does Daddy love Kate?

It’s Thursday night and I am watching TV while Kate sleeps quietly on the couch next to me.  I find myself wanting to watch Kate breathe instead of watching The Office or 30 Rock.  That is amazing to me.  I have spent the majority of my adult life trying to find something that makes life […]

A clean bill of health…

Kate was seen by the pediatrician today and was declared to be extremely healthy!  She has gained a pound since coming home (she was 6lbs, 11oz when we got home…7lbs, 10 oz today!) and she has grown 2 inches (she was 20 inches when we brought her home, she was 22 inches today!).  The pediatrician […]

Kate Turns Two Weeks Old Today!

Kate turned 14 days old today at 9:20 AM.  Jennifer wanted me to take pictures, sing a song, and dress Kate in her Sunday best….I decided that Kate needed some relaxation, so Kate spent her birthday minute sleeping while Dad was sending emails and Mommy took a shower.  Sounds like a perfect celebration to me. […]

Kate’s Picture Gallery Updated….

I have updated Kate’s picture gallery with our personal favorites….take a look!