A clean bill of health…

Kate was seen by the pediatrician today and was declared to be extremely healthy!  She has gained a pound since coming home (she was 6lbs, 11oz when we got home…7lbs, 10 oz today!) and she has grown 2 inches (she was 20 inches when we brought her home, she was 22 inches today!).  The pediatrician declared her to be very happy and healthy and congratulated Mom and Dad on taking such good care of her.

The nurses in the office fell in love with Kate…although I have to admit that Kate knows when she has an audience.  As you may be able to tell in this picture, she was not a happy camper when we packed her up and took her to the doctor’s office.  The minute her adoring fans came up to see her, she calmed down and even smiled.  Then, as if scripted, the minute the doctor’s office door closed, she decided to express how unhappy she was.  Then the nurse walked in to weigh her, and she immediately decided to put on her best face again!  She is a crowd pleaser!

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