Kate Turns Two Weeks Old Today!

Kate turned 14 days old today at 9:20 AM.  Jennifer wanted me to take pictures, sing a song, and dress Kate in her Sunday best….I decided that Kate needed some relaxation, so Kate spent her birthday minute sleeping while Dad was sending emails and Mommy took a shower.  Sounds like a perfect celebration to me.

Either way, we are very happy that Kate turned 14 days old today.  We are going to the pediatrician at 11 am and we have a few pages of questions.  Mom and Dad had a good night last night – Dad watched Top Chef while singing Kate to sleep and feeding her every few hours while Mom slept.  Then at 1am, it was time for Mom to take over and Dad to go to sleep.  It worked well, but I am more interested in consistency – let’s see if we can repeat last night again and again!

More after the pediatrician’s appointment!

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  1. Susan
    Posted November 20, 2008 at 11:51 am | Permalink

    Happy Birthday to Kate! Only two weeks? What did we ever do without her?

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