Kate’s Website … More Fun!

I have added a few more features to Kate’s Website:

1)  You can now “subscribe” to the site by entering your email address in the “Email Updates…” section on the right.  By entering your email address, you will now be notified via email when new updates are added to the site.  Kate adheres to the strictest of privacy rules…your email will NEVER be shared with anyone except Kate’s Mom and Dad.

2)  If you are reading a post and would like to send that post to someone else via email, you can!

Click on the “ShareThis” icon and link at the bottom of every post and enter the email address of the person you are sending the message to, your email, and a message and … poof!  They will be sent a link to the post!

3)  I have added a “polls” section.  You can now vote on who Kate looks like…I will change the poll every few months!  Look at the right hand side of the screen and cast your vote!

Here is a picture of Kate taken yesterday…Enjoy!

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