Monthly Archives: November 2008

We learn as we go…

As I said before, Jennifer and I are amateurs at this whole parenthood thing. We learn more every day. Here is a breakdown of some of the things we have learned over the last two weeks: – Kate is the leader of the family at the moment. She eats when she wants, sleeps when she […]

Grandparents are gone…

Ok Ok … I was posting to this blog like a madman, then nothing for almost three days!  Those who are followers of Kate’s every move must be wondering what happened.  Well, the grandparents left – that is what happened! Jennifer and I have been a little overwhelmed the last two nights, so we have […]

Kate’s Temporary Belly Button….GONE!

When Kate was born (well, when any baby is born for that matter…), the hospital cut the cord and then clamp the remaining piece of cord so that there is no protrusion. This clamping process essentially allows the remaining umbilical cord to decay and eventually fall off. Truthfully, this looks kinda weird – the protrusion […]

Kate’s Fashion Show….

Kate has been given a lot of gifts from all her admirers. Every day, Jennifer (mommy) likes to dress her in a new outfit. Here are some pictures of her outfits so far. This is an outfit from Auntie Suzie. Susan, Jennifer’s sister, lives in Minneapolis and had an opportunity to travel to nyc last […]

Kate’s First Bath at Home…

Everyone tells you something different about how to care for a baby.  The hospital told us it was a bad idea to give Kate a bath every night because her skin will dry, but yesterday the pediatrician told us we should wash baby every night and to never use “that Johnson and Johnson crap”.  He […]

Kate’s second night at home…

Apparently, Kate is a night owl.  She sleeps in the daylight and becomes wide awake exactly when Mom and Dad are ready to go to bed.  Last night, I let Jennifer choose Kate’ bedtime outfit so that I could rest.  That worked out well until Kate’s large blue eyes kept staring up at me in […]

Kate meets Grandma and Grandpa Burnich…

Jennifer’s parents arrived last night at 8pm and immediately fell in love with Kate. Kate seemed to very much enjoy them as well. Since Kate seems to fall asleep easily and she has to be fed every two-three hours, we often undress her down to the diaper a few minutes before feeding time to wake […]

Kate’s First Visit to the Pediatrician

Kate had her first visit with the Pediatrician this morning. She did great! The Dr. took one look at me and told me to sit at the desk and take notes. By the time we left, we had a list of things to make sure we did on a regular basis (bath Kate every night, […]

Kate Turns One Week Old Today!

Ok Ok – I know.  When does it stop?  Are we going to celebrate every hourly,  weekly, and monthly birthdays?  Will we get clowns and a moon-bounce for her second weekly birthday? I certainly hope we don’t get that crazy, but it is hard not to celebrate Kate every chance we get – she is […]

And then came Kate’s first night home…

Ok ok…those who have already had the experience of the first night home with their newborn will get a kick out of this.  Those who are expecting their first child may be a little freaked out by this story…but trust me, I am embellishing a little (very little) for humor, so you can expect pretty […]