Monthly Archives: December 2008

Kate’s First Walk on The Beach!

After eating Christmas dinner (A whole chicken, stuffing, vegetables, and crescent rolls), we decided to take a walk on compo beach. We were happy to see that a lot of other people decided to do the same – there was quite a crowd at the beach! Kate was asleep for the majority of the walk […]

Merry Christmas!!!!

Christmas Eve was pretty uneventful in Westport. John shopped and prepared for Christmas dinner (making pumpkin pie and appetizers) while Jennifer watched Kate grow before our eyes. We debated going to church on Christmas Eve, but then decided it was going to be too crowded and not a good environment for Kate. We woke up […]

Kate’s Favorite Place…

Kate loves motion. When she was in her bassinet, a simple roll around the room (the bassinet was on wheels) made her very content. Now that Kate is very aware of her surroundings, she enjoys a little visual stimulation. Enter the Swing! Placing Kate in the swing guarantees sleep. Before sleep finally sets in, Kate […]

Kate goes for a ride to see the snow….

Jennifer and I got pretty stir crazy, so we decided to take Kate for a ride through Westport to see the snow and the beaches. The roads were finally clear, so we figured it was worth the risk. Kate is growing into bigger clothes, so it is always fun to see Kate in a new […]

It’s a winter wonderland!

Kate is gonna have a white Christmas! How cool is that? It snowed about eight inches here in Westport on Friday, leaving a beautiful blanket of white snow. Schools were closed, store shelves were stripped bare, and we have not left the house since! I just realized this morning that Jennifer and I have not […]

Kate is learning to play games…

Jennifer has a magazine about how to play games with your newborn. One of the games involves simply looking at Kate with a blank expression, then smiling and saying “Look Kate, I’m Happy!”. Kate is supposed to mimic your facial expression by smiling back at you. Another version of the same game involves sticking your […]

9 Pounds, 10 Ounces, 23 Inches…Kate is Growing!

During Kate’s last visit to the pediatrician, she weighed in at 9 pounds 10 ounces and 23 inches! This was no surprise to mom and dad since she has been eating non-stop over the last few days. Kate had a visit from Auntie Lenore and Godmother Margaret. Kate seemed to immediately fall asleep the minute […]

Kate’s Crib Arrived….Finally!

Kate’s crib finally arrived after a few missteps (UPS delivered the original crib to the wrong house!). It is a beautiful thing…Dad took all afternoon to put it together. Jennifer and I have decided it is time to move Kate to sleeping in the crib. This is harder on the parents than on Kate because […]

Kate’s First Birthday Party – With Friends!

Kate turned one month old on Saturday!  We decided to throw a birthday party and invite one of Kate’s closest friends over for some brownies. John William Candler (Jack) was born a few weeks before Kate and has been dying to meet his new playmate!  He is adorable and has the same likes and dislikes […]

God only knows what I’d be without you….

The more I look at Kate, the more I can’t really remember what life was without her…which is amazing because she can’t walk, or talk, or even hug yet.  She is perfect to me in every way (even when she crys!). I appreciate life a hell of a lot more now that I have a […]