Monthly Archives: December 2008

Happy Holidays From Santa’s Helper!

Kate couldn’t help but get excited about the holidays, so we gave in and dressed her in her Santa’s Helper outfit… If you want to see what Kate looks like when we take too many pictures, click here.

Kate’s Birth Announcement

 I forgot that I had submitted Kate to the Hartford Courant until Jennifer asked me about birth announcements yesterday.  I searched…and sure enough I found it.  It’s even got a picture! Click Here to See it online, or Click Here to Download a PDF.

To Pacify or Not to Pacify…

All babies love to suck.  It is a soothing action that relaxes them…and if you think about it, it is very rewarding to suck – it is amazing to see that a baby starts looking for something to suck the minute they are born.  Sucking means food, warmth, love, interaction…sucking is essentially the thing that […]

Kate’s College Savings Account – OPEN!

Jennifer and I opened a 529 savings account for Kate to save for college.  We chose Conneticut’s Higher Education Trust (CHET – for Kate’s account for the following reasons: 1) All earnings grow tax-deferred for Federal and Connecticut taxes and any earnings used to pay for higher education are free from Federal and Connecticut […]

Hey! Where did you get that diaper bag?

I’m all about utility.  I love things that make life useful.  I also have absolutely no sense of style.  Not sure how it happened, but I married into a family that has a tremendous sense of style.  Jennifer could be an interior decorator if she decided that financial sales was not her cup of tea […]