Monthly Archives: January 2009

Kate’s Happy Dance

Kate is a very happy baby.  Her every need is attended to by two doting parents instantaneously.  While Mom and Dad fret about spoiling their newborn, Kate loves to show how happy she is with her “Happy Dance”. The happy dance usually occurs in the morning after she has either slept a long time or […]

How Kate Got Her Middle Name…My Aunt Ellen

Kate Ellen is the love of my life (well a close second to Jennifer).  She fills my heart with joy every day and continues to remind me of the person who had a big influence in my life – My Aunt Ellen.  Jennifer and I decided to give Kate the middle name “Ellen” after Aunt […]

Kate’s first nickname: “Inchy”

Jennifer and I love the name Kate.   Kate seems to get more excited with life as the days roll.  Lately, Kate is smiling and laughing a lot more often which make us very happy, but with the smiling and laughing comes Kate’s insistance on not sleeping in her crib unless she is in such a […]

11 Pounds, 12 Ounces & 24 Inches Tall…and her First Shots!

Kate had her two month checkup with the Pediatrician this morning.  Mom and dad have been worried about this visit for a while because we knew Kate would be getting her first shots and were afraid for her! The doctor gave us some Tylenol on the first visit back in November and told us to […]

Happy Birthday Kate – Two Months Old!

Kate turned two months old today!  Jennifer baked some brownies and we used our favorite candle (the “0” candle) to celebrate the event.  Kate had the hiccups from all the fun she had (well – she gets the hiccups all the time, so I am just assuming this time it was because of the fun). […]

Sorry Buckeyes….There’s always next year.

Kate is a huge buckeye fan, just like her parents. She was so excited about the big football game last night, but she could not make it to see the game.  Dad did not make it either – Kate and dad fell asleep on the couch before kick-off. We did not have the heart to […]

Happy New Year – Kate’s Getting Cuter!

The holidays have treated Kate very well. She had a visit from Grandma and Grandpa burnich how re-defined what it meant to be loved. She took a few walks on the beach and learned how to smile more often! She is getting cuter by the day! Her two month checkup is coming up and she […]