Thai Meal – Take 2

Kate and I moments before our guests' arrived.

Kate and I moments before our guest's arrival.

On November 5, 2008, John and I had plans to attend an authentic Thai dinner hosted by my boss, Chris Dalo, and his wife at their house in Southport, CT. John and I were the first to arrive.  Right before the first glass of wine got poured, I noticed something wasn’t right. It turns out my water broke then and there! John and I quickly dashed out of the house and called my doctor who told us to head to the hospital. Kate was born the next day.

John and I were so sad that we missed such a fantastic meal. My boss vowed to make it up to us. We laughed and never thought much of it.

Chris Dalo and his wife, Tang with Kate.

Chris and Tang with Kate.

To our surprise, on Sunday, January 25, we actually had the meal at our house. Chris and his wife, Tang, cooked three wonderful entrees and two yummy desserts.  We were so grateful!