Dad…aka The Baby Whisperer

The Sleeping Princess....

The Sleeping Princess....

Let’s face it – the world revolves around Kate. I know it. Jennifer knows it. You know it. And, of course, Kate knows it. The sun does not rise unless Kate decides she has had enough of tormenting the two people who cater to her every need. The stars are not aligned until Kate has decided it is time for her to sleep when and where she wants to…UNTIL TONIGHT!

It all happened about a week ago. Kate decided she did not like her crib. She was not that crazy about it before, but at least she tolerated being placed in her crib after she fell asleep in daddy’s arms or mommy’s arms. This past week, she would have nothing to do with her crib. Dad would do 25 laps around the house (he actually counts) to make sure she was quite asleep before walking her up to her crib, but the moment he placed her down, she would wake up as if she had been placed on a bed of hot coals.

Jennifer started reading every book imaginable. We decided we would try the “pick up put down” method, which essentially means pick her up with she starts crying to soothe her, then put her back down in her crib. This made sense after reading, but in practice it seemed we were just rewarding her crying with what she wanted.

We eventually gave up and let Kate sleep when and where she wanted. This often meant letting Kate sleep on our chest or in the swing for 5 hours straight. We eventually decided we had to do something.

Tonight, we decided it was time to cut the cord. Jennifer and I agreed to put Kate in her crib drowsy, but awake and stay with her until she fell asleep. Kate thought she was smarter than us…she cried the second I put her in the crib and continued to cry. Jennifer was in bed trying to resist that motherly urge to stop her baby’s hurt, but Dad suggested she wait. Mom relented and went back to bed, throwing her hands up at the possibility that Dad could possibly get our beautiful center of the universe back to bed without her resenting us for a lifetime for letting her cry. Dad’s heart fell for Mom and in the same motion determined to create a comfortable environment for his little bundle of joy to sleep in peace.

I went back to Kate’s crib and rubbed her stomach. She cried and cried and cried. I talked to her in a soothing voice…and she cried. I continued to stroke her stomach and calm her with soft tones until eventually …. she fell asleep! I did it! It was the best feeling in the world! My little princess fell asleep without 25 laps around the house!

So…it is now 9:30 pm. I won the battle…but the war just began. The next battle begins around 1am … and I am prepared…I just hope that Mom will be!