Kate is the definition of life ….

Kate is the love of my life.  Yes, she is my daughter and she is an amazing being…but every time I interact with her she teaches me something about life – and that makes everything stop.

I don’t get to see Kate that often, but when I do she make life stand still.

The last time I saw Kate (on Saturday, April 25th, 2009 – she was excited about the day.  She was ready with a smile and a laugh, but she feel asleep as soon as I placed her in the car.  She slept through our walk through Ohio State’s beautiful campus.  Even when the sun got in her eyes (and dad placed his hands up to prevent the sun from interrupting her sleep, she noticed the sun then went back to sleep.  She slept through the crowds at the horseshoe (ohio states ginormous football stadium) as throngs of fans screamed for their favorite team.  She slept as the sounds of cars and trucks on High street rang through the morning air.  Dad was just happy to see his sleeping princess as he rolled her stoller through the students and proud parents during Ohio State’s spring weekend.

Once Dad and Kate returned to Mom’s current residence, Kate opened her eyes and was happy to find two loving parents there to greet her.

Kate is learning how to eat with a spoon.  She has got the bottle thing down to a science, but eating with a spoon is very new to her…and new to dad!  Once dad was given a chance to feed her, all bets were off!

Dad has no idea how to feed with a 5 month old with a spoon.  Kate has no idea how to eat with a spoon, so it was a learning experience for both of us.  What an experience it was!  Of course, Kate was just learning how to use a spoon…Dad was just learning how to feed Kate with a spoon…what a perfect situation for both of them!

Kate was quite hungry, so she knew only that there was food in front of her face.  She opened her mouth and dad was ready with a spoon of rice cereal (baby rice mixed with formula or breast milk that brings a new meaning to the term “acquired taste”).  Kate learned to open her mouth and Dad learned the right time to move the spoon into her mouth – it was a wonderful experince indeed!

Every once in a while, Kate would decide it was time to blow air our her mouth.  This was an awesome experience because rice cereal would fly cover everything within a 8 foot radius (including dad and mom) and Dad had no choice but to laugh.  Kate is smart, so she caught on quickly that everytime she repeated the process Dad would laugh — it became a game to her!  She would blow, dad would laugh, and she would do it again to see if Dad would repeat his laugh!

Dad cannot wait to experience this process again…I am very much looking forward to this weekend!

Below is the most recent picture of Dad and Kate – she is the definition of life!

Dad and Kate...Upside Down!