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Walking in the Snugli

I never realized how important napping was at this early age. At nearly 4 months old, we are finally on a schedule that Kate seems to like (and we like it too as she is starting to regularly go down for 5-6 hour stretches at night in her crib!). Kate takes her big nap in […]

Kiss Me, I’m Irish

Now that Valentine’s Day has passed, we are looking forward to our favorite holiday here in the O’Connor household: St. Patrick’s Day! Of course, Kate couldn’t wait to put on her favorite onesie, and Dad couldn’t resist giving her a kiss. Look at those Irish eyes.

Thai Meal – Take 2

On November 5, 2008, John and I had plans to attend an authentic Thai dinner hosted by my boss, Chris Dalo, and his wife at their house in Southport, CT. John and I were the first to arrive.¬† Right before the first glass of wine got poured, I noticed something wasn’t right. It turns out […]

The Daily P

Before Kate was born, John kept telling everyone that he was going to take at least one picture of Kate every single day in order to document how she changes. I laughed every time he said this as I never thought it would happen. Well, it’s been three months and we’ve managed to capture her […]

My Favorite Pic to Date

I think one of the best things about having a baby girl is the fun stuff you can dress them up in. This is one of my favorite pictures of Kate so far. For those of you on Facebook, you’ve already seen it. Sometimes the hat will make her look like a French painter, other […]

Sleeping Like a Baby

Where did that saying come from anyway? Like most new parents, if you would have told us about the lack of sleep we would have gotten these last 3 months, we never would¬†have believed you. I know Kate is doing the best she can. Some nights she would go down for almost 4 hours, wake […]

3 Months Old Today!

Wow – has time flown! Today is Kate’s 3 month birthday, and we couldn’t miss and opportunity to make brownies and sing Happy Birthday to our precious daughter. Enjoy the video. It’s been a little while since we’ve had blog entry. We apologize. Time, as you can see, has gotten away from us. I hope […]