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Kate has a new blog….

For reasons that are not clear to me, Jennifer has started a new blog for Kate.  You can find updated pictures at Jennifer’s blog here: I will update this blog as I can – but times have been busy lately! More to come!

Baby Whisperer Strikes Again…

For those of you following the story (read the last post), I am happy to say that the Baby Whisperer (aka Dad) has done it again.  It is now 1AM and Kate is fast asleep in her crib.  While Dad fell asleep on the couch, Mom fed Kate when she woke up and then put […]

Dad…aka The Baby Whisperer

Let’s face it – the world revolves around Kate. I know it. Jennifer knows it. You know it. And, of course, Kate knows it. The sun does not rise unless Kate decides she has had enough of tormenting the two people who cater to her every need. The stars are not aligned until Kate has […]