The Daily P

Before Kate was born, John kept telling everyone that he was going to take at least one picture of Kate every single day in order to document how she changes. I laughed every time he said this as I never thought it would happen.

Well, it’s been three months and we’ve managed to capture her picture nearly every day.

You might notice several shots of Kate on the couch next to a pink bear with her name. That’s the site of the Daily Picture or what we’ve shortened to the “Daily P” or “DP.”

Take a look for yourself and see how’s she changed.

Kate is only days old...

Kate is just days old.

This is a picture of Kate from Super Bowl Sunday.

This is a picture of Kate from Super Bowl Sunday.

My Favorite Pic to Date

I think one of the best things about having a baby girl is the fun stuff you can dress them up in. This is one of my favorite pictures of Kate so far. For those of you on Facebook, you’ve already seen it. Sometimes the hat will make her look like a French painter, other times an English military officer and still other times a chef. We have lots of laughs together. Enjoy!

She has such an innocent smile.

She has such an innocent smile.

Sleeping Like a Baby

Kate asleep...

Kate asleep...

Where did that saying come from anyway? Like most new parents, if you would have told us about the lack of sleep we would have gotten these last 3 months, we never would have believed you.

I know Kate is doing the best she can. Some nights she would go down for almost 4 hours, wake up to eat, and then go right back to bed. It’s those nights that I think to myself why can’t she sleep 5 hours. Funny though because as soon as I start thinking that, we’ll go through a couple nights where she’ll wake up every 2.5 hours, not go back to sleep in her crib, and it’s then that I would do anything to go back to the 4 hours.

and asleep again...

and asleep again...

I’ve heard about the Ferber method and Baby Wise, but there are many out there that also think Kate’s too young. She IS only 3 months old. Somehow we are managing ok. The pediatrician’s nurse told us we should skip the 3am feed if she last fed at midnight and then feeds again at 6am. However, we aren’t allowed to let Kate cry more than 10 minutes. I know I’m a little sleep deprived, but something still doesn’t add up. I just keep telling myself we’ve managed this far and it is getting a bit easier, so we can persevere.

Perhaps it’s not until a few more months that we’ll learn what sleeping like a baby really means.

3 Months Old Today!

Kate has a big smile on her 3 month birthday.

Kate has a big smile on her 3 month birthday.

Wow – has time flown! Today is Kate’s 3 month birthday, and we couldn’t miss and opportunity to make brownies and sing Happy Birthday to our precious daughter. Enjoy the video.

It’s been a little while since we’ve had blog entry. We apologize. Time, as you can see, has gotten away from us. I hope to make more of the blog entries going forward as John tackles other tasks.

Kate has changed so much. She is cooing at regular intervals, holding rattles, smiling at mom and dad often, kicking her feet, putting her fists in her mouth, and wanting to roll over (not yet but so close). We are having a lot of fun. It seems like every day there is a new discovery.

Kate is also enjoying her nightly baths and story time. It’s funny, as new parents we celebrate such tiny milestones. I was thrilled last night when I noticed she was actually looking at the pictures in ‘Goodnight Moon.’ It took a couple of times, but I’ve learned not to read to her with the tv on in the background as that was capturing much of her attention previously.

Kate is trying to shove multiple fists in her mouth (and she's not hungry).

Kate is shoving her fist in her mouth. That scratch is her first injury from her fingernail!

Kate also enjoys interacting with other babies her age. Each week, I get together with other new moms and our babies. Don’t tell Dad, but yesterday Kate was very interested in holding hands with her friend Will. I am sure there will be more to come which may commence the gray hairs on Dad’s head.

Happy 3 Month Birthday, Kate!

Kate’s Happy Dance

Kate is a very happy baby.  Her every need is attended to by two doting parents instantaneously.  While Mom and Dad fret about spoiling their newborn, Kate loves to show how happy she is with her “Happy Dance”.

The happy dance usually occurs in the morning after she has either slept a long time or tried to play the “I bet I can stay up all night…play with me” game.  After her morning ritual of a diaper change and dressing, Kate love to show her appreciate by smiling, laughing, and moving about.

So…without further ado…here is Kate’s Happy Dance:

How Kate Got Her Middle Name…My Aunt Ellen

Me and My Aunt EllenKate Ellen is the love of my life (well a close second to Jennifer).  She fills my heart with joy every day and continues to remind me of the person who had a big influence in my life – My Aunt Ellen.  Jennifer and I decided to give Kate the middle name “Ellen” after Aunt Ellen because she was such a great influence on my life.

Aunt Ellen is my father’s younger sister.  She was born on January 21st and has a twin – Uncle Gavin.  Ellen was a wonderful soul who always opened her house and heart to anyone lucky enough to cross her path.  I wrote a eulogy that I read at her funeral that explains how special she was to me and others:

“Ellen (Aunt Ellen as I knew her) was love.  Unconditional love.  She opened up her home, her heart, her kitchen, and her laughter to to anyone who was lucky enough to cross paths with her.  She had a laugh that was engaging and infectious, a smile that was hard to miss, and a unyielding energy that was contagious.

For my family, she was the center of the Universe.  She was always there to offer food, beds, love, and laughter.  Ellen would spend all day cooking in anticipation of our arrival.  There was always conversation around the dining room table that lasted until bedtime.  When I was old enough to travel without my parents, Aunt Ellen became my surrogate during the many trips to new york to see the ball drop or simply show my friends the city.  Friends were treated better than family, often resulting in return visits and future follow up questions from Aunt Ellen about each temporary inhabitant that were now officially part of Aunt Ellen’s circle of love.

Aunt Ellen had a dog, Heidi.  Heidi and Aunt Ellen were the perfect match.  Heidi would greet guests with the same unconditional love, excitement, and anticipation…until you wanted to give Aunt Ellen a hug or a kiss.  As far as heidi was concerned, Aunt Ellen was hers and not to be shared with others.  Heidi would growl, bark, or simply get in between the person attempting to show affection to Aunt Ellen.  Heidi knew when Aunt Ellen was a mile away from the house.  Heidi slept right next to aunt ellen in bed and never left her side.  Heidi was a true reflection of Aunt Ellen – always anticipating the arrival of guests with unconditional love and affection.

My favorite memories of Aunt Ellen always include her laughter.  She always got the joke and always continued the laughter with more jokes or stories. She always stayed up late into the evening when there were guests around…in fact, I don’t ever remember her going to bed before anyone else.  She loved being around other people and anyone who was lucky enough to be a guest in her house felt something missing from their lives upon departure.

I will miss my Aunt Ellen.  She was one of a kind.  But – in my reflections over the last couple days, It became clear to me that Aunt Ellen’s laughter, generosity, and unconditional love continue.  I have emulated her in ways that continue to surprise me.  I make chicken cutlets the same way she taught me to when I arrived early one day to help her prepare.  I welcome all guests to my house and shower them with love.  I want and continually seek a life that is centered on the dining room table and filled with laughter and joy.  I now realize that Aunt Ellen help to define my future.  I will never forget her.”

Today is Aunt Ellen’s birthday and I can’t help but think how seeing Kate would have brought joy to her heart.  Every time I look at Kate, I am reminded of how lucky I was to have known Aunt Ellen.

Although Ellen was always “My Aunt Ellen”, she was also a mother, grandmother, nurse, and friend to others.  Maggie Stine, who is Aunt Ellen’s granddaughter has put together a very touching video montage with pictures and video – you can find the video on Jason Henriques’ blog (Jason is Maggie’s fiance). Click here to see the video – turn up the sound!

Kate’s first nickname: “Inchy”

She loves her swing!

She loves her swing!

Jennifer and I love the name Kate.   Kate seems to get more excited with life as the days roll.  Lately, Kate is smiling and laughing a lot more often which make us very happy, but with the smiling and laughing comes Kate’s insistance on not sleeping in her crib unless she is in such a deep sleep that nothing will wake her.

Ultimately, Kate ends up on either my chest or Mommy’s chest at some point during the night.  We both know that our days are numbered and we cannot keep this up, but we are just so in love with Kate that we cherish every moment we get to spend with her on our chests.

Around 6 am this morning, Kate decided she would not sleep in her crib, so I jumped at the chance to have her sleep on my chest for the final two hours of morning sleepy time.  Kate and I were half asleep all morning, playing the inch-worm game.  Kate lays on your chest and eventually inches her way up your chest until her head is snugly fit in the curve of the neck.  I don’t think she enjoys the game since she does not seem comfortable until she finds the perfect spot and we don’t particularly enjoy the game either since it means we have to figure out how to sleep with whatever spot she chooses.

She played the game all morning…for two hours!  I decided to move her down my chest every once and a while, and she decided to inch her way up again.  She is really good at it.  First she pushes her chest out so that her entire body is balanced on her chest, the she relaxes her chest while pushing forward slightly with her arms and legs.  It is fun to watch!

Kate with a beautiful smile!

Kate with a beautiful smile!

I could not resist but call her “Inchy” this morning because of our experience.  Jennifer found it funny too, so we called Kate “Inchy” for the rest of the morning.  This is not a nickname that will stick, but we had fun with it anyway. (Jennifer likes this nickname better than “Katie” – Jennifer seems to think her daughter should never be called “Katie”, while I can think of nothing better than calling her “My Little Katie” for her first couple of years.

Enjoy the pics…they were taken earlier today!

11 Pounds, 12 Ounces & 24 Inches Tall…and her First Shots!

Daddy very proud of his brave daughter...

Daddy very proud of his brave daughter...

Kate had her two month checkup with the Pediatrician this morning.  Mom and dad have been worried about this visit for a while because we knew Kate would be getting her first shots and were afraid for her!

The doctor gave us some Tylenol on the first visit back in November and told us to give her 0.6 mL before her visit.  We did as instructed and brought Kate to the doctor’s office.

Kate was weighed and measured, then the doctor came in and gave her a look over.  Mom had written all her questions down, so the doctor answered all her questions while he looked in Kate’s mouth, ears, and eyes.  Kate was given a clean bill of health – she’s happy and healthy!

Happy and healthy are great, but we knew the worst was coming.  The doctor was about to leave, and we shouted “No Shots?”…he smiled and said “I’m the good cop…the bad cop does the shots”.

The nurse entered soon enough to give Kate her shots.  Mom sat down away from the action while I entertained Kate during the shots.  The nurse gave kate a shot in each thigh while Kate’s head began to turn red and her bottom lip started to curl…and she took a deep breath and started crying.  Dad held her hands close and kissed her…and she stopped crying!  (good thing…because Dad could feel tears developing in his eyes).

Kate was a little fussy while we were dressing her…but other than that – smooth sailing.  She looked at us as if to say – I knew it was not gonna be a big deal!

Happy Birthday Kate – Two Months Old!

Kate turned two months old today!  Jennifer baked some brownies and we used our favorite candle (the “0” candle) to celebrate the event.  Kate had the hiccups from all the fun she had (well – she gets the hiccups all the time, so I am just assuming this time it was because of the fun).

We took a video of the event (of course!) and you can watch it below.

As a proud father, it is quite a touching experience to look over the pictures and videos of Kate over the last two months and see how much she has grown.  Then I realize that she is only two months old and I have a lifetime of these experiences…what a great life, huh!

(yes, it took dad several tries to blow out the candles…and yes you can hear kate hiccup!)

Sorry Buckeyes….There’s always next year.



Kate is a huge buckeye fan, just like her parents. She was so excited about the big football game last night, but she could not make it to see the game.  Dad did not make it either – Kate and dad fell asleep on the couch before kick-off.

We did not have the heart to tell her the buckeyes lost, so we dressed her in her buckeye gear to celebrate the next season!

There is always the 2009 season!